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Medical Doctor, Honors Degree, University of Buenos Aires Medical School: 1956.

Internist and Pediatrician: 1960.

Full Member of the Argentine Psychoanalytical Association (A.P.A) : 1964.

Full Member of the International Psychoanalytical Association (I.P.A.) : 1964.

Clinical practice in psychoanalysis of adults.

Training and Supervising Analyst of the A. P. A.: since 1974.

Professor of the Training Institute of the A.P.A. : since 1966.

Child and adolescent psychoanalyst and supervisor.

Specialist, Professor and Supervisor of Group Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: since 1960.

Project, Organization and Coordination of the First Program for Field Research in Infant Observation, supervised by Willy Baranger, Centro Racker of the A.P.A.: 1970.

Permanent Member of the I.P.A. Senior Women Analysts’ Pregnancy Group, Chair Helen Meyers: since 1991.

André B. Ballard Invitational Lectureship for Outstanding Contributions to Psychoanalytic Knowledge, New York, The Association for Psychoanalytic Medicine, Ninth Annual Lecturer : 1994.

National Academy of Medicine, New York. Lecture, February: 1994.

The University Hospitals of Columbia and Cornell, New York: Guest Lecturer - Five Conferences on the Thought of J. Lacan, by invitation of Dr. Otto Kernberg : 1994.

The University Hospitals of Columbia and Cornell, New York: Panel on Sexuality: 1994.

Clinical Supervisor of the Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research, New York, by invitation of Dr. Otto Kernberg, New York: 1994.

Chair of the Department of Psychoanalytic Research of the Family and the Couple, A.P.A.: 1986 to 1988.

Chair of the Committee of International Relations of the A.P.A.: 1988 to 1992.

Chair of the Committee of Psychoanalytic Research of the A.P.A.: since 1995.

Founder of the Transdisciplinary Forum of the A.P.A.: 1995.

Founder of the annual "Latin American Encounters on the Thought of Winnicott", under the auspices of the Component Societies of the I.P.A.: since 1992.

Founder and Chair of the A.P.A. "Winnicott Space": since 1996.

Founder and Editor of the Journal "Encounters”, publication of the A.P.A. “Winnicott Space": since 1997.

Chair of the I.P.A. Committee on Relations Between Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Science: since 1997.

Organizer and Chair of the Celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of the A.P.A., “A.P.A. Meets the Community”, Centro Cultural Recoleta: November 1992.

Member of the Thesis Committee, Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina: since 2001.

Guest Professor for the Continuing Education Seminars, Porto Alegre, Brazil: since 1992.

Chair of the A.P.A. Psychoanalytic Research Group on Shakespeare’s Works: Power in Shakespeare’s Dramas: since 1995.

Chair of the A.P.A. Psychoanalytic Laboratory on “Psychosexuality in Cinema”: since 1999.

Chair of the Psychoanalytic Study Group on Transdisciplinary Thinking and Narrative (for the A.P.A. Transdisciplinary Forum): since 1999.