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IPAC (International Psychoanalytical Association Congress), 1971, Vienna: "Multiple psychoanalytical observation of infants”, discussant, Prof. Daniel Widlocher.

IPAC, 1983, Madrid: The dark continent and its enigmas, Panel on Female sexuality; published in the International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 65, 2, 1984.

IPAC Training Pre-Congress, 1991, Buenos Aires: Chaos, petrification... or what? Uncertainty in the analyst’s subjectivation.

IPAC, 1993, Amsterdam, "Meet the author" Comments on Joyce McDougall’s book Theaters of the Body: The primitive body and archaic erotogenicity.

IPAC, 1995, San Francisco: Panel on Women’s Lifecycle: Women's destinies.

International Congress on Esther Bick's Method of Observation of Infants, Lisbon, 1997, Psychoanalytical research and the observation of infants. A metapsychological approach.

IPAC, 1997, Barcelona: Discussion paper for the Plenary Session on clinical material presented by Dr. Otto Kernberg.

IPAC, 1999, Santiago de Chile: Panel on Amae East and West: Primitive love and Amae.

IPAC, 2001, Nice, France: Panel on Discourse and the psychoanalytical method.

Psychoanalytical Society of Porto Alegre (SPPA), Porto Alegre, Brazil: Panel on Schizoid Mechanisms and Early Psychic Structure: 1992.

Inauguration of the annual Latin American Encounters on Winnicott’s Thought, and First Latin American Encounter on Winnicott’s Thought (on occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the A.P.A.), in the A.P.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2nd Latin American Encounter on Winnicott’s Thought, 1993, Panel on Emotions in Psychoanalytical Work, at the Winnicott Foundation, Montevideo, Uruguay.

3rd Latin American Encounter on Winnicott’s Thought, Gramado, Brazil, 1994, Paper: The child as the mother's transitional object: reverse demand of dependence.

4th Latin American Encounter on Winnicott’s Thought, Chilean Psychoanalytic Association, Santiago, Chile, 1995: Paper: Enter-taining myself, holding - myself - between. Playing.

5th Latin American Encounter on Winnicott’s Thought, Peru Psychoanalytic Society, Lima, Peru, 1996, Paper: Olympia: when the eyes don't see, the heart doesn't feel. Automaton.

6th Latin American Encounter on Winnicott’s Thought, 1997, APdeBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Paper: Nostalgia. An essay on the metapsychology of friendship.

7th Latin American Encounter on Winnicott’s Thought, 1998, Uruguayan Psychoanalytic Association and Winnicott Foundation, Montevideo, Uruguay, Paper: The place of emotional thinking in the clinical space of psychoanalytic work.

8th Latin American Encounter on Winnicott’s Thought, 1999, A.P.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina. Interactive videoconference with André Green, on Winnicott’s Thought according to A. Green, Paris-Buenos Aires.

9th Latin American Encounter on Winnicott’s Thought, 2000, Brazilian Psychoanalytic Society of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Paper: About Love; and a five class Seminar: On Anxieties.

10th Latin American Encounter on Winnicott’s Thought, 2001, Chilean Psychoanalytic Society and ICHPA, Santiago, Chile, Paper: Memories of Birth, Birth Trauma and Anxiety.

1st International Congress on Winnicott’s Thought "Lo Psiche-Soma dalla Pediatria alla Psicoanalisi", Milan, Italy. Paper for Central Panel: The matrix of the Psychesoma.

2nd International Congress on Winnicott’s Thought: "Winnicott in psychoanalysis", Milan, Italy, Discussion Paper on Ken Wright’s paper: Creativity and mother-infant dialogue: 2000.

Guest Lecturer at the Squiggle Foundation, Paper: “On dependence”, London, England: 1997.
International Conference “At the End of the Battle”, Lima Peru, Paper: The future of a disillusion: 2000.

International Conference “On the threshold of the millennium” Lima, Peru, Paper: About femininity today: 1998.

FEPAL Congress (Latin American Federation of Psychoanalysis), Gramado, Brazil, Paper on The Narcissus – Oedipus Interphase: 2000.

Brazilian Psychoanalytical Society of Porto Alegre (SBPdePA), Porto Alegre, Brazil, Invited Lecturer for a Two-Day Seminar on Contemporary Concepts of Anxiety: 2000.

1st Colloquium APA-SPP (Argentine Psychoanalytic Association- Paris Psychoanalytical Society), Paris, France, “On Setting”, Paper: Setting and analyzability. Setting, cure and de-identification: February 2002.